Dawntrail Updates

Dawntrail Updates

With 7.0 bringing new graphics updates, all of my current shop mods will receive updates over the next month!

Hairs (& Tails)

Week 1: All hairs will receive a texture update. The priority order goes to hairs that do not convert properly with Textool's auto conversion.

Reworks: I will be taking advantage of the new graphics engine to rework every single shop hair! This entails:

  • Complete reweight, including new wind physics added in DT
  • Viera now has the same bones as everyone else so they will get the same physics!
  • More highlight options.
  • Mesh updates, either completely remeshed or shaping/fitting it a bit better.
  • (Hopefully) fully working hat compat as the restrictions are much less now.

I will be doing these between new releases, starting from newest to oldest.

Body Textures (Scales)

Week 1: These will be updated as soon as Bibo+ modpack is updated for Dawntrail.


Reworks: Faces have completely changed in Dawntrail so my sculpts will have to be completely redone.

Please be patient with me as I will need a lot of time to update, especially before Penumbra is available again. I need to test emotes and animations thoroughly before re-releasing, and it will be hard with the Dawntrail login queues.

I promise that my reworked sculpts will be much better, and worth the wait!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when the mod is updated?
  • Announcements will be posted in both my Discord server and Twitter.
  • I will also add "Updated for Dawntrail" to the shop page.

How are updates sent out, for mods I got from...

If the Gumroad/Ko-Fi link doesn't work, you can sign up for an account on the same email address used for the purchase, and it will automatically add it to your Gumroad/Ko-Fi purchase history.

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