New Store Opening

New Store Opening

My new shop is open! To celebrate the opening, I have 2 goodies for you all:

  • 25% off all shop items until 8th March
  • New hair mod as an additional freebie, I hope you all like it~

I thought I would answer some questions that you guys might have here:

What has happened to my old purchases?

You can still access them through these links:


If the Gumroad/Ko-Fi link doesn't work, you can sign up for an account on the same email address used for the purchase, and it will automatically add it to your Gumroad/Ko-Fi purchase history.

Your old purchase history on Gumroad/Ko-Fi does not carry over to this store.

How will I get mod updates from this store?

Any updates to products purchased from this website will be emailed to you.

Ending Note

Thank you all for supporting me throughout 2022! I've had a lot of fun making mods, and seeing people get excited and take screenies with them.

Sorry for the long wait ; ; It's been months since my last release, I hope I can make it up to you all and release a lot of new high quality custom hairs! 

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