Terms of Service

General Terms of Service

  • No refunds since this is a digital product, and please do not share/resell/repost/redistribute files.
  • Feel free to port to any other race/gender!
  • Private edits to the model and textures are allowed.
  • Do not use any assets as a base for your own releases or commissions.
  • You may commission someone to make private edits for you.
    For sculpt makeups, please send them the files specified as for "makeup commissions".
  • Do not port to other games.
  • If you have any issues, please contact me.

If you are commissioning an edit to the product (shape, mashup etc.), do not send any files to the commisioner.
If they do not own the product, you must buy them their own copy.

Port Permissions

Public Hairs:

  • You may publish your own ports, just let me know so that I can add a link to my original post.
  • Please credit me by name!

Shop Hairs:

  • If you are commissioning a race port, you do not need to buy them another copy.
  • You may share ports ONLY to people that you trust, and you are 100% certain they own a copy of the hair already.
    Breach of trust will result in complete banning of race porting.
  • If you would like to share with someone and are unsure if they have purchased the hair, feel free to DM me to confirm their receipt.
  • Do not ask around for ports from other people.


Fast contact: https://discord.gg/lunartear
Slow Contact: yuriamods@gmail.com