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Mod Creation Guides

XIV Mods Guide
A collection of a broad range of different modding subjects.

Apricot's Modding Resources
Very useful Blender/GIMP/Photopea guides for a lot of things!
Great if you want to try your hand at customizing your character's mods.


How to install & use Penumbra, and related plugins.

Loose Texture Compiler
My go-to for adding loose textures (png, dds, bmp) to Penumbra.

Penumbra Help Discord
Best place to ask for Penumbra issues.

Finding Mods

All Races

Female Au Ra

Female Miqo'te

Female Viera

Other overlays

Note that for bodies and scales, if the devkit isn't in the download, you will find it in the "files" tab on XMA!


Updated on 19 Nov 2023