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Textools Error Messages

Error reading the MDL file / Failed to update the viewport


If you have no warning in the model importer: The mesh has no weights.

However, if you get an orange warning that there’s no valid skin element, then you have no armature.

To fix this, make sure the armature modifier on your mesh has an armature in the “object” section.


Vertices had major corrections made to their weight data

This is generally fine, it means that your weights are not evenly balanced with j_kao. Textools honestly does a decent job at normalizing so you can ignore it for the most part.

Alternatively you can normalize your weights using something like “normalize all” but Blender does a pretty terrible job at it.



Error Reading Mod Data - File Offset Invalid

Error Updating Viewport - Position vertex contains invalid value

This is caused by your indexes being screwed up by Textools.

Do “Download Index Backups” and “Start Over”.

If this doesn’t work, repair your game through FFXIV Quick Launcher.

Note: You need to back up every GShade/ReShade file in SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\game